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Vying For The Smallest Thin Client Computer With The Largest Screens

When I first saw this thin client, my first thought was “How can this work?!?!”. Darned that black-holes-on-black-bodies problem. “Ceptor is an ultra-small, full featured thin client device that transforms any HDMI monitor or display into a thin client. The … Continue reading

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Africa: The Last Frontier Of Growth in IT

For most of my life, Africa has been embroiled in frustrating violence sorting out the mess left by european colonialism. The dust is settling, however, and South Africa is joining the BRIC countries in rapid growth in industrialism and modernization … Continue reading

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M$ Bars Itself From New Industry

I had to smile when I read this article.“A Sydney library is claiming a world first: it’s going to add Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets to its lending shelves.” see Council offers free iPads. I hope this catches on. … Continue reading

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Sharing is Good, Even for Competitors

“In a rare moment of collaboration, wireless providers AT&T and T-Mobile have agreed to share networks in the challenging days following Superstorm Sandy, allowing customers to use whichever network gets coverage in their areas.” see AT&T, T-Mobile share networks to … Continue reading

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Status of Wireless N (802.11n draft)

Some trolls claim wireless N does not work with GNU/Linux. That may seem plausible in that few drivers were available but ath9k is in Linux 2.6.27 at rc7 and working and some are using it in Ubuntu Intrepid which is … Continue reading

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