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Truth and Consequences

“when the news came in late February that the White House was putting together a panel to see if climate change is really a threat, even though the Defense Department has already said it is, and that this panel would … Continue reading

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Thanks Wind. Welding Again.

TLW put on a Hell of a party last week. It went pretty well except the wind knocked down one of her new patio-umbrellas. It was bound to happen. She put a few rocks on the base but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Roller-Coasting Temperatures

We’re having a heat-wave here. Yesterday morning I went out to pull weeds in a row of trees. The temperature rose to 28º C (Humidex 32º C) and I was sweating heavily even at 23º C because of humidity around … Continue reading

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Weather For Growing Pumpkins

This is a nearly perfect situation for growing pumpkins: good moisture levels in Earth, light winds, lots of sunshine, high temperatures, and no deer have yet eaten or trampled the plants. Unfortunately, frost, high winds and drought caused me to … Continue reading

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Waiting for Spring

Well, we got a glancing blow from a “Colorado low” today and it dumped about a foot of wet snow on us. Today, the temperature was around melting when the storm was gone except for some wind and I fired … Continue reading

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The Meltdown Continues

“Over the weekend, the world’s northernmost weather station, located just 440 miles from the North Pole, warmed to 43 degrees Fahrenheit during what’s normally the coldest time of the year. That’s about 60 degrees above average for February. The rising … Continue reading

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Beyond Extreme

“Sea-ice extents are declining for all months, but as assessed over the period of satellite observations (1979 to present), the extent at the end of the melt season in September is dropping at the remarkable rate of 13 percent per … Continue reading

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Global Warmth Reached Here

“A stretch of mild weather that significantly shrank the city’s monstrous snowbanks and turned roads and sidewalks into a sodden mess also marked the longest January period of above 0 C temperatures since 1873.” See 67 hours above freezing a record … Continue reading

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Spring Arrives a Month Early Where I Live

Here it is the middle of March and the weather-people are forecasting the arrival of spring: The normal high for this time of year is -2°C, below the freezing point of water. This heat wave will destroy the snow-cover and … Continue reading

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