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Oracle Too Expensive At Any Price

“Oracle’s new cloud licensing policy [PDF] says an AWS vCPU is now treated as a full core if hyperthreading is not enabled. A user renting two AWS vCPUS therefore needs to pay full freight for both, effectively doubling the number … Continue reading

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Shuttleworth and MySQL

“I think Oracle have been an excellent steward of MySQL, with real investment and great quality. Appreciating and celebrating that doesn’t detract from our willingness to engage elsewhere. I think the tendency to imagine conspiracies and malfeasance is one of … Continue reading

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Ho Hum. Oracle Collapses Under Its Own Weight

Java vulnerabilities again and “Oracle Database Server, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft Products, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle and Sun Systems Products Suite, Oracle Virtualization and Oracle MySQL all need security fixes for one reason or another. Many of the patched … Continue reading

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Oracle is Drowning, Clutching at Straws in Oracle v Google

“Because PackageManagerService.java and Installer.java classes are written in the Java programming language, both classes are compiled to virtual machine instructions for execution. Therefore, the entire dexopt process occurs during the execution of the virtual machine instructions of these two classes. … Continue reading

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