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The Hunt, 2019

Once more deer season came and went. We didn’t hunt with muzzle-loader this year. My buddy’s not into that… So, we went out into the cold and laid in wait with those new-fangled brass cartridges. The first day was bitterly … Continue reading

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On The Good Dying Young

It’s sad when the good die young but it happens too often, except in my yard. Lately, I’ve had a hare chewing the leaves off some of my seedling fruit trees. I hate that. Today, one of the grand kids … Continue reading

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Another Day, More Knowledge

I went out to a gravel pit today to shoot some .45-70 rounds. I found that Berry’s 350 RSFP copper-plated bullets do lose accuracy at higher velocity. 19 grains of Unique seems to shoot pretty well, about minute-of-shake. 37 grains … Continue reading

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Loading Berry’s Bullets In My .45-70

 That beauty on the right is Berry’s Bullets .458 diameter 350 grain RSFN copper-plated bullet. It’s recommended for target-shooting and plinking up to 1700 ft/s muzzle velocity and they cost about the same as my typical 308 or 8mm hunting … Continue reading

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First Impressions Of The Marlin 1895

I’ve never liked lever action rifles. The most common types have a rear locking lug on the bolt which is lifted up by the lever. There are way more moving parts and more room for slop than my favourite action, … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Life

One of the most important characteristics of living things is that they die. It’s a necessary part of life so that new living things have opportunity for growth and progress. I helped celebrate life yesterday, attending the funeral of a … Continue reading

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Bore-sighting The Buffalo Classic

With the help of a table and some cushions I set up the Buffalo Classic for bore-sighting. I picked a spot on the wall at the other end of the rec-room and aligned the bore. Then I adjusted the Williams … Continue reading

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Care And Feeding Of My New Buffalo Classic

I love muzzle-loading except for having to force down the bore tightly patched balls and cleaning the mess of black powder afterwards. In contrast, my new Buffalo Classic is a breech-loading cartridge rifle. All I need are the right combinations … Continue reading

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Ten Inches

Ten inches is not a lot, but it is one of the key selling points for the H&R Buffalo Classic rifle, for me. See what ten inches can do. I searched “site:reloadersnest.com “buffalo classic” 4198 powderid” and came up with … Continue reading

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It’s A New Deer

Well, I’ve gone out for deer twice, once with the muzzle-loader and once with a centre-fire rifle. The first episode was miserable. I’d dressed too lightly and after a couple of hours was chilled to the bone. Today, I dressed … Continue reading

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Hunting Season Is Upon Us

We went out today to test some rifles and ammunition. Gopher-sized groups were achieved in the cold and the wind even to 300 yards. We are ready for the general season. We didn’t test the muzzle-loader. It’s too reliable. Neither … Continue reading

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Yes, MeatLoaf Is Good For Diabetes

OK, I’m diabetic. I have to watch what I eat and eat frequent light meals. That’s hard for a guy who used to run 10-12 miles daily and eat thousands of calories a day… One of the most important meals … Continue reading

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