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$149 For A Real Notebook PC

I’ve invited Walmart to spam my inbox with stuff they’re selling. Usually it’s fairly routine stuff“With an 8.5-hour battery life, the Hisense Chromebook keeps you going all day. The Hisense Chromebook features a textured lid for keeping a sure grip … Continue reading

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Desktop */Linux Trends In Canada

Now that we’ve pretty well figured out that the huge “Unkown” thing in StatCounter‘s “desktop” OS category is closely related to Android/Linux, this graph makes sense. Some people in Canada are hooking up Android/Linux systems to big screens. GNU/Linux is … Continue reading

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Nope. Munich Never Happened. – Deny, Deny, and Deny Some More

“Which brings me to Linux, and whether it is a viable alternative to a new Windows OS. It isn’t. The same arguments I have put forward for needing to migrate Windows-based applications to a VDI platform hold true for Linux. … Continue reading

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Come On! The Year Of GNU/Linux On The Desktop Was Ages Ago. Now We’re Mopping Up.

M$ liked to brag that after the long march bringing forth a new release, mopping up was the most fun.“Chromebook shipments to U.S. schools leapfrogged iPad shipments in the third quarter and are nearing 50 percent of the educational market.” … Continue reading

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How The Mighty Art Fallen (Smartphones)

You can tell Android/Linux is a giant-killer by counting the number of giants killed: two, iOS from Apple and that other OS from M$ (three, if you count Nokia as an entity).“In the smartphone OS market, Android continued to increase … Continue reading

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Decisions About Small Cheap Computers

So, M$ is competing on price for small cheap legacy computers these days. That’s OK, but at least you, the consumer, now have a choice you didn’t have a few years ago.“your account information is all stored in Google’s cloud, … Continue reading

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FLOSS and Advertising

I notice the folks who ship Fedora GNU/Linux are irate about FireFox doing some advertising on the “new tab” page… I checked mine and the “tiles” are all about pages that I visit frequently. I don’t see any ads at … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!… Or Maybe Not If You’re M$

M$ sweated the ~$1K box back in the old days but managed by anticompetitive moves to squeeze OEMs.“Digitimes Research expects Lenovo’s and Asustek’s 11.6-inch Chromebooks to be priced at US$149, 25% lower than the US$199 of the C720 from Acer, … Continue reading

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The Last Barrier To GNU/Linux Desktops Crumbles

According to Digitimes, Chromebooks are having 100% growth this year. That should put them on the webstatistician’s radar finally.“global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to top six million units in 2014 and double to 12 million units in 2015, driven … Continue reading

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Sad News! ;-)

Digitimes, out of Taiwan, is always watching the markets for electronics, particularly PCs, components and optical devices.“Intel’s Skylake-based processors, originally expected to launch in early third-quarter 2015 to support the release of Windows 10-based notebooks, may not become available until … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Is Catching Fire On The Desktop, But It’s Not Your Daddy’s GNU/Linux

Despite nearly 20 years of enduring FUD and mud-slinging and astroturfing, GNU/Linux is finally taking off on the desktop.“Consumers are hungry for a product that is cost effective but also provides the versatility and functionality of a laptop. The growth … Continue reading

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Google Tries To Kill EXT* File-systems For ChromeOS

Someone over at Google has decided to drop support for EXT* file-systems in favour of M$’s stuff…“Chromium OS is for consumer devices which should not need support for mounting external ext4 storage. In principle, we should drop unnecessary features. There … Continue reading

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