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The Hunt, 2019

Once more deer season came and went. We didn’t hunt with muzzle-loader this year. My buddy’s not into that… So, we went out into the cold and laid in wait with those new-fangled brass cartridges. The first day was bitterly … Continue reading

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Another Day, More Knowledge

I went out to a gravel pit today to shoot some .45-70 rounds. I found that Berry’s 350 RSFP copper-plated bullets do lose accuracy at higher velocity. 19 grains of Unique seems to shoot pretty well, about minute-of-shake. 37 grains … Continue reading

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Family Heirlooms

Recently I was blessed to be able to see some heirlooms of my family: loads of photographs some more than 100 years old, a Ross Rifle (.303 British), designed and built in Canada before WW I, and a Cooey rifle … Continue reading

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Loading Berry’s Bullets In My .45-70

 That beauty on the right is Berry’s Bullets .458 diameter 350 grain RSFN copper-plated bullet. It’s recommended for target-shooting and plinking up to 1700 ft/s muzzle velocity and they cost about the same as my typical 308 or 8mm hunting … Continue reading

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Remington etc. On Shaky Ground

“Remington Outdoor Brands has filed for bankruptcy.The bankruptcy filing allows Remington to stay in business while restructuring its massive debt. The company has been planning to reduce its debt by $700 million through the Chapter 11 process and contribute $145 … Continue reading

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Truth, Damned Truth And Statistics

Trump’s term began with a controversy where he claimed the largest crowd ever… That was not the truth. His crowd was way smaller than Obama’s, way smaller than the march of the women and way smaller than the march of … Continue reading

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.45-70 and Unique

“I think a very safe general-purpose Unique load is to find the volume that will just overflow the case, and half that for a Unique load (with no heavier than middle-weight bullets). This is about 15gr with a .308, probably … Continue reading

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First Impressions Of The Marlin 1895

I’ve never liked lever action rifles. The most common types have a rear locking lug on the bolt which is lifted up by the lever. There are way more moving parts and more room for slop than my favourite action, … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Life

One of the most important characteristics of living things is that they die. It’s a necessary part of life so that new living things have opportunity for growth and progress. I helped celebrate life yesterday, attending the funeral of a … Continue reading

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Bore-sighting The Buffalo Classic

With the help of a table and some cushions I set up the Buffalo Classic for bore-sighting. I picked a spot on the wall at the other end of the rec-room and aligned the bore. Then I adjusted the Williams … Continue reading

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Care And Feeding Of My New Buffalo Classic

I love muzzle-loading except for having to force down the bore tightly patched balls and cleaning the mess of black powder afterwards. In contrast, my new Buffalo Classic is a breech-loading cartridge rifle. All I need are the right combinations … Continue reading

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Ten Inches

Ten inches is not a lot, but it is one of the key selling points for the H&R Buffalo Classic rifle, for me. See what ten inches can do. I searched “site:reloadersnest.com “buffalo classic” 4198 powderid” and came up with … Continue reading

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