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The State Of Play Of Moore’s Law In China

“TSMC will be the industry’s first chipmaker to have its 7nm process technology certified, said Liu, adding that TSMC’s 7nm currently has 30-40% yield for 128MB SRAM. As for 10nm, TSMC is scheduled to move the node technology to volume production … Continue reading

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Spring is definitely in the air. We’ve probably had the last snowfalls replaced by April’s showers. I’ve started hundreds of tree seeds sprouting indoors. A bunch of trees from nurseries and other perishable stock are being queued up to ship … Continue reading

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OMG! Solar PV Panels Around $0.50 USD/W

It’s been a while since I considered solar energy. Then it was becoming competitive. Now it surely is competitive with oil companies investing in it just to hedge their bets. Thanks to global markets, Chinese industry and some other factors, … Continue reading

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Shipments of Smartphones Will Slow – Almost Everyone Has One

“According to a recent forecast update from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 2015 is likely to be the last year of double-digit smartphone growth. The 2015 calendar year finished with 1.44 billion smartphone shipments worldwide, … Continue reading

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Walking The Dog

I don’t have a dog. I don’t like dogs and they usually don’t like me. I’m a walker. On my walks I’m often accosted by dogs being territorial, despite the municipal by-law stating dogs must not demonstrate aggression on or … Continue reading

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Smartphones, The New Implanted PCs

“Global smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter will increase to 396.8 million units, leading to 1.326 billion units for 2015 which will rise 10.1% on year.” See Digitimes Research: Over 331 million smartphones shipped globally in 3Q15Wow! M$ used to brag … Continue reading

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Thank you, China

I’ve been shopping at Aliexpress.com and Alibaba.com for a while now. It’s an adventure. It’s full of surprises and it can save me quite a bit of time and money. Recently I ordered a bunch of items including mousetraps, a … Continue reading

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Shopping on AliExpress

“Shop the online stores on AliExpress.com to find reliable digital multimeter 9205a for unbeatable, cheap prices” See Shop digital multimeter 9205a online – Buy digital multimeter 9205a for unbeatable low prices on AliExpress.comI love to shop. I like to compare prices … Continue reading

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It’s Alive! The Chinese Rototiller Works At Last!

I repaired the bent strut on the tail-wheel and operated the rototiller by walking behind the thing and it worked like a charm. I was still breaking it in and used a shallow cut at low power but it was … Continue reading

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The New Tractor Goes For Its First Exercise

I finally have done all I could to the new tractor before taking it out for a trial. Today, after a trip to town, I fired it up on the driveway and tried it out. There were still a couple … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required – The Tractor Has Arrived

My new Chinese tractor finally arrived. There was no apparent damage. I was surprised to find things not bolted down but they were packed in tight and with their weight nothing bothered them. Everything was clean and dry.

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Happy New Year!… Or Maybe Not If You’re M$

M$ sweated the ~$1K box back in the old days but managed by anticompetitive moves to squeeze OEMs.“Digitimes Research expects Lenovo’s and Asustek’s 11.6-inch Chromebooks to be priced at US$149, 25% lower than the US$199 of the C720 from Acer, … Continue reading

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