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Cambodia Is Rapidly Freeing Itself From Wintel

I was monkeying around on StatCounter today, when I discovered Canada/USA uses more IE browsers than Cambodia, a random Asian country. I had thought all of Asia was infected by XP, but no, it’s the small cheap computers running */Linux … Continue reading

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Small Cheap Computers Eat Legacy PCs For Lunch Any Way You Measure It

“Samsung Electronics and Apple remained the top semiconductor buyers in 2013, increasing their combined semiconductor demand by 17 per cent, according to Gartner, Inc. Samsung Electronics and Apple together consumed $53.7 billion of semiconductors in 2013, an increase of $7.7 … Continue reading

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Mysterious Disappearance Of PearOS

A distro with GUI resembling MacOS and known for distribution of multimedia codecs has suspended downloads. That could violated GPL licensing unless the new owners appear promptly.“Its future is now in hands of a company who wants to remain anonymous … Continue reading

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Wait A Minute, StatCounter

Aodhan Cullen of StatCounter: “The perception is that tablets are proliferating and replacing traditional PC and laptop machines so we developed our research platform to isolate tablet usage stats. In reality we found that tablet internet usage globally at less … Continue reading

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Digitimes Predicts Tablets Will Dominate PC Shipments In 2014

Digitimes predicts continued but slower growth for tablets in 2014: “Global tablet shipments are expected to reach 289 million units in 2014, up 23.6% on year. The growth, however, will be weaker than that for smartphones due to the fact … Continue reading

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22% U.S. School Districts Use Chromebooks

Children are the future and most of them are in schools using IT of some sort. “About 22% of the school districts in the U.S. are now using Google Chromebooks. That’s over 5,000 K-12 schools” see 22% U.S. School Districts … Continue reading

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Another Monopoly Bites The Dust

When Nathan Myhrvold wrote that monopolies in IT were “natural” and that it was natural that M$ have a monopoly in desktop OS, he was clueless. Two decades later people were saying that about Apple and tablets but “During the … Continue reading

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M$ Does Less

Steve Ballmer said, “Apple, Ballmer said, is about being "fashionable," while Amazon is about being "cheap," and Google is about "knowing more." Microsoft, Ballmer said, is about "doing more."” see In last company meeting, Ballmer calls Apple 'fashionable,' says Microsoft … Continue reading

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FLOSS Attacks The Centre Of Small Cheap Computers

There are two huge players in the game for small cheap computers who are taking their lumps. While trying to grow their empires, they are cutting off their roots, endangering the whole operation: “Microsoft’s expansion in the hardware industry is … Continue reading

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When Is Prior Art Not Prior Art? When The US Federal Circuit Ignores It.

“Secondary considerations evidence can establish that “an invention appearing to have been obvious in light of the prior art was not” and may be “the most probative and cogent evidence in the record.” Transocean, 699 F.3d at 1349 (quoting Stratoflex, … Continue reading

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Google And Apple Cooperate

It’s cute to see Apple and Google cooperating, at least on applications for mobile devices: That’s the way IT/tech companies should work. It’s much more efficient than suing each other. Only a couple of years ago, Apple’s Steve delayed death … Continue reading

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IT In Kenya Evolves Free From Wintel

“The number of Internet subscribers increased by 75.1 percent in the quarter compared to same period in 2011. The report indicated that mobile data/Internet continued to dominate the market contributing 99 percent of the total internet/data subscriptions in the country. … Continue reading

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