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Chromebooks Eating M$’s Lunch

“When I reviewed the Acer C720 Chromebook I came away impressed with what you could get for $249.99. The Haswell Celeron processor ran Chrome OS nicely and the 4GB of system RAM moved things right along. Acer is extending the … Continue reading

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The PC Industry Is Thriving

Repeatedly, I read on the web that the PC-industry has been hurt by tablets. e.g. Computerworld: “It hasn’t helped that Acer is so reliant on sales to consumers, said IDC analyst Bryan Ma. The entire PC industry has been hurt … Continue reading

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Acer Performance

Acer’s monthly revenue has been down every month except September compared to the previous year. The reason? Acer has continued to sell M$’s products despite consumers’ firm statement that they don’t want to buy them. If you’re in a hole, … Continue reading

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Laptop Computers At Walmart Now Include Lots Of */Linux

Wow! What a difference a few years make. It was only a few years ago that Walmart sold out of GNU/Linux netbooks and proclaimed buyers returned them… Now Walmart.com lists Linpus GNU/Linux, Chrome OS GNU/Linux, and even Android/Linux notebooks. Some … Continue reading

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Writing On The Wall For Wintel

Head of Acer gets it partly right: “Since Wintel’s business strategies can no longer create profits for partners, many downstream IT players have turned to other ecosystems to seek profitability, noted Shih, adding that Google’s open platform strategy is not … Continue reading

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OEM Acer Squeezed By M$

What is it with people? Acer loses money despite selling millions of PCs and Digitimes claims it’s the cost of hardware that did them in? Please… “Acer has announced net loss per share of NT$0.13 for the second quarter due … Continue reading

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OEMs Are Seeing The Light

“Acer and Asustek have been pushing forward in marketing hardware/software-integrated cloud computing solutions focusing on educational applications and web storage, respectively, according to the companies.” see Acer, Asustek actively marketing cloud computing solutions. For more than a decade, OEMs have … Continue reading

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And It Came To Pass That */Linux Attacked The Monopoly

“Less Windows, more Android. Acer is about to give us a taste of this trend, as Android PCs begin to creep onto the market. The

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Wintel Contracts Sharply – IDC

“Worldwide PC shipments totaled 76.3 million units in the first quarter of 2013 (1Q13), down -13.9% compared to the same quarter in 2012 and worse than the forecast decline of -7.7%, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly … Continue reading

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