The death of RBG adds a new dimension to the US election. Promptly, the Senators are drawing their lines. The GOP slim majority will become thinner as Collins and Murkowski see writing on the walls. Collins is already trailing in the polls. Murkowski publicly declared she would not vote for a GOP nominee for SCOTUS. Graham is in a close race in South Carolina. Another fight over SCOTUS could put the Ds in control of the Senate. RealClearPolitics shows the parties tied in sure and likely seats. RBG could shift that thinning margin. Women make up more than 50% of voters. Women in the suburbs may see this issue as vital to their interests. It remains to be seen whether Moscow Mitch can push a nominee through before the election or will the GOP run on a promise of doing so? When will 2020 end? Not for decades if the GOP succeed in appointing yet another justice.

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The Decline And Fall Of Trumpism

Rats are starting to leave the sinking ship of Trumpism. A raft of new books are quite popular and confirmation of many suspicions of Trump’s motives.

Woodward reported that Trump confessed to lying about the seriousness of COVID-19 and has a recording. Trump can’t claim he was misquoted and saving USA from panic doesn’t work as the death-toll mounts. The time for action was months ago and Trump left it to Pence to do little or nothing. Trump is guilty of mass murder. So are several supporters/enablers.

The Atlantic reported that several sources describe Trump as calling volunteer military as “suckers” and the war-dead, “losers”. Ouch! USA worships military service. Trump instantly lost a significant margin of voters everywhere and even a slice of active military and veterans who liked Trump’s public words. Actions speak louder than words.

Mary Trump reported on Trump’s warped early life and present lack of “family values”, a sacred phrase of Republicans from the recent past. Republicans started the Lincoln Project to encourage Republicans to vote for Biden. Some will. Many independents will. The Lincolns are putting out many ads cutting Republican/conservative support for Trump to the bone.

Polling data shows Biden is leading Trump just about everywhere in approval. There’s a good chance the Government of Pigs could lose the Senate. Florida and Texas are in play. Bloomberg just donated $100million to fight for Florida for the Ds so the Ds can spread their huge funds on the other battleground states. Can you see where this is heading less than two months to Election Day? Can you see the momentum building as some states open early/mail voting? Can you see voters rushing to vote on each and every new revelation of the terrible toll Trump is putting on USAians? I can. It’s all over but the voting. Trump is going to lose almost every state he won in 2016 by a sliver of margin. He’s going to lose suburban women, other women, blacks, browns, seniors, veterans, the educated, the unemployed, relatives/friends/news-junkies of COVID-19s victims.

I suspect Trump might gain votes from white supremacists, other scum and the willfully ignorant but fortunately they are a minority in USA today. It’s too bad name-recognition alone seems enough to make one competitive in the run for the presidency but an incumbent has to run on his record and the unemployed and woke citizens can see the folly of letting Trump usurp another term. Many will see the folly of not locking him up in January, 2021.

If I were Biden I would draw up the plan to cuff Trump et al as soon as possible. I have no doubt Trump may well attempt many shenanigans to try to remain in power no matter the outcome of the vote. Fortunately, the constitution of USA turns over the presidency not to the incumbent but to the Speaker of the House should the election not resolve matters. Amen. 2021 could be a great year for USA and the world. There will be troubles but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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What a Difference Six Years Makes

OK, my header for this blog is complete. On the right is the seedling growing from a plum donated by an in-law. In the centre is the plum a few years old. On the left was the plum last spring. Unfortunately, an heavy frost killed off all the flowers and I have no fruit, but maybe next year…

This plum-project has taken six years. From 50 pits I had 30 trees and now a dozen or more are surviving, thriving and sending offshoots. I think it has been worth it just for the sake of the trees, the appearance of my yard and the hope for the future. Such trees can live decades. Think of the bounty for the bees, Earth, me and my descendants. It’s all good.

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Linux Continues To Thrive In 2021 In A Pandemic

“RC 5.8 features over 14,000 non-merge commits, some 800,000 new lines of code, and added around a hundred new contributors. It might have gotten that large simply because few have been traveling thanks to COVID-19, and we’ve all been able to get more work done in a release window than usual. But from the perspective of this seasoned Linux kernel contributor and maintainer, what is particularly striking about the 5.8 RC release is that its unprecedented size just was not an issue for those that are maintaining it. That, I’d argue, is because Linux has the best workflow process of any software project in the world.”
See Why Linux’s biggest ever kernel release is really no big deal

It’s been more than two decades I’ve been interested in GNU/Linux and it’s still thriving. The kernel of the OS is still gaining features, developers, contributions and bug-fixes after all these years. Unlike many Free Software projects that wither after one or more developers lose interest, Linux is a jungle with a life of its own and everything in dynamic development or in balance. It’s all good.
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Fools Leading The Foolish Over The Cliff

I just watched an interview on CNN of a pastor of a church in California (?) who is defying advice to remain closed because of the epidemic. At one point he stated that folks should not worry about the epidemic because 99.9% of cases are harmless. What a lie!

It’s true that, so far, only about 0.1% of the population has been infected but that’s the wrong way to look at it. No one has immunity. So, it’s equally valid to say that, barring a miracle or a vaccine, 100% of the people will get COVID-19 sooner or later. 3% die from it. Is the pastor willing to take 3% of his flock out to the parking lot and “sacrifice” them? If not, why is he willing to invite folks to come inside to share the virus at close quarters without a mask or spacing? Has he not read the parable of the good shepherd? “

“I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.”

Further, it is written,

“The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge:but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.”

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“The FBI will find you, no matter how long it takes or how far you run, and we will bring you to justice…”
See Fugitive on the run for 46 years arrested in Española
It has been said that justice delayed is justice denied. I think 48 years of freedom followed by retirement in a government-funded rest-home is not justice for attempted murder. I hope justice will be much more swift for Trump et al.

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Nissan Leaf May Be Long In The Tooth But Nissan Is Still Sharp

“A decade after the introduction of its Leaf compact EV, Nissan tonight officially unveiled the Ariya electric SUV. The Ariya promises to shake up the EV market with an attractive all-electric crossover providing up to 300 miles on a charge — with a base model starting at $40,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on sale until well into 2021.
The Ariya will be available in front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations. Two different battery sizes will be offered: 63kWh and 87kWh. Given the Ariya’s relatively small size — a C segment vehicle a little shorter than a Nissan Rogue — the bigger battery version stands a chance of hitting the 300-mile mark. (The Ariya is about 4 inches shorter than the Tesla Model Y.)”
See Nissan unveils 300-mile Ariya electric SUV with liquid-cooled battery, 130kW CCS charging, starts at $40k

Ten years ago, Nissan Leaf was on my short list for a replacement for an ancient van. TLW bought a hybrid instead, liking the good acceleration and “used luxury” status. Nissan Leaf did not excite her.

Nissan Ariya might. It has better style than the Leaf, probably better engineering as a result of experience with Leaf, reasonable price, a huge battery offered in two sizes and reasonable efficiency in terms of km/kWh. Combined with good torque at low RPM, low maintenance, quiet etc. She should like this. Must arrange a test drive for her, whether she likes it or not…

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It’s amazing to watch the financial markets these days. There’s Trump and the damned virus and Russia all causing trouble and optimism reigns. It’s as if investors were convinced the markets could never decline. It’s as if investors had no concern about the national debt. It’s as if investors had no concern that it looks like 5% of the world’s population could die this year from the virus and there would be no compounding effects on the markets.

Those investors are in denial. Only a few years ago the Government of Pigs were whining that the deficit could reach a $trillion in Obama’s term. Now USA is running multiple $trillions indebtedness annually. Just who is going to repay that debt and when? How much of that debt is owed to China? What could possibly go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…? Trump doesn’t care about USAian national debt because he’s moving to Russia before the DOJ returns to rule of law and locks him up. Trump doesn’t care about how many million USAians will die from the virus because he can get the best medical care in the world while others fight over ventilators and medicines. Trump doesn’t care if he starts an uncivil war because he’s leaving office and USA one way or another.

I dropped my shares of USAian companies when I saw Trump on the horizon and I’m glad I did. Gold was USD$1200/ounce then. It’s USD$1800/ounce now and I’m leveraged to the hilt. Canada also has a very low incidence of the virus thanks to sanity in high places. Good luck USA. Good luck world. You are in for a world of hurt this year.

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To The Future

I’m hoping for a better future:“Over the past decade, battery costs have seen a dramatic drop — from over $1,000 per kilowatt-hour in 2010 to around $156 per kWh in 2019, according to BloombergNEF. That’s getting very close to the “magic number” of $100/kWh that many believe will bring EVs to price parity with legacy vehicles, and end the Oil Age.”

See There’s A Global Battery Revolution Underway, & Tesla’s Leading It

  • one without Trump
  • one without Global Warming
  • one with more EVs
I know. I’m dreaming, but it’s OK to dream isn’t it? Getting rid of Trump is not a sure thing but better EVs is given that more companies are making them and investing a lot in designing what people need, especially bigger and better batteries. I think EVs already are on price parity with gas-guzzlers if one considers the cost of fuel and maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Lowering the price of batteries just shortens the break-even year. For the typical EV today, it’s about year eight. Soon it will be year five. It’s all good. Can’t wait for the future.

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Suing Oil

“For decades, these oil and gas companies spent millions to mislead consumers and discredit climate science in pursuit of profits. The defendants violated the District’s consumer protection law by concealing the fact that using fossil fuels threatens the health of District residents and the environment. OAG filed this suit to end these disinformation campaigns and to hold these companies accountable for their deceptive practices.”
See D.C. Attorney General Is Suing Oil & Gas Companies For Their Misinformation Campaigns

I’ve noticed a few lawsuits filed against Big Oil in the last year. The latest is Washington DC. They claim Big Oil falsely claimed their products would save the planet while they knew the converse was true. Good for them.

How long before they add automakers pushing internal combustion engines? EVs here we come! This suit will likely gain traction after the Dems take over the Whitehouse, the Senate and the House in DC. It’s all good…

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Catch COVID-19 at your stupid rally in Tulsa!
Go Straight To Hell!

Well, I can dream, can’t I? By the numbers, it is quite likely that one of these two Bozos will catch COVID-19 but it is unlikely that both will. Chances of one of them dying is finite but small. Both? Pie in the sky. It would be nice, though, with Nancy Pelosi next in line to the presidency… What a house-cleaning she could do at the White House.

UPDATE Uh-oh! Couldn’t fill that arena in Tulsa? In one of the reddest states in USA? In primetime on a Saturday? Uh-oh? Can you say, “Lame Duck President”, boys and girls? What’s an infected lame duck president? What’s a campaign that can’t fill a venue for a sitting president? November’s going to be really great!

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Despair Is The New World Order

Effectively, USA has been the “leader” of the free world for decades. That’s all turning to dust in the reign of Trump. Yesterday, he threatened to issue illegal orders to the US military to invade states who did not stifle free speech sufficiently. That would spawn another uncivil war within the USAian armed forces and the national guards of several states. Still Congress will not impeach this saboteur in the White House.

I don’t know what will happen but I see nothing good coming out of this. Tyrants love a good war to distract from their incompetence. It remains to be seen whether USA will take Trump’s bait. I despair that enough will to ignite the fire of war. I don’t know anyone who sincerely believes Trump is the right man for the job yet there is no sign of any deviation to nominate another candidate for the election and there’s no doubt in my mind that Trump and his supporters will reject the result in any case.

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