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Hard Drive Crunch Looks Worse…

Global HDD supply to be 35% short in 4Q11, say PC makers according to Digitimes. The consequences of this are very interesting: When ARMed smart thingies are increasingly attractive to consumers with lowering prices, Wintel with rising prices may become … Continue reading

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What To Do With the Last Desktop PC

In response to a troll demanding to know who had given up his desktop PC for a smart phone or tablet, one wizard replied, “First you’ll get a lot of users who never even touched the PC. There are about … Continue reading

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Why No Government Should Deal With M$

In an attempt to persuade Australia to allow Australian government documents to be stored off-shore, M$, in a discussion paper wrote, “Any company with a presence in the United States of America (not just those with headquarters or subsidiaries in … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law and Tires

Winter is here and I took advantage of a warm snap to change to my winter tires, with a softer compound and better tread for ice. $250 a tire and $250 a rim makes me wish unicycles would work for … Continue reading

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2012 Will Be A Great Year in IT

Digitimes reports that several big players in the PC industry are investing heavily in R&D in order to remain competitive in 2012. “An Acer executive also pointed out that the PC industry is experiencing a significant change, transitioning from Wintel … Continue reading

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I had to use Google to find out what a “barista” is but it seems to be a coffee-making person… Samsung has produced an ad where one guy comments that he cannot use a Samsung smart phone because he’s a … Continue reading

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Calculating M$’s Attach Rate for That Other OS

Nowhere is this information published so M$ must be suppressing it. However, we have the tools, simple arithmetic. Assumptions: installed base of PCs is about 1500 million with death and new PC production, the number of PCs alive grows by … Continue reading

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Government and Business Quit Throwing Money at Wintel

Bloomberg are now making the same observations that I have for months now, people and organizations love small cheap computers and they are not getting that from the Wintel monopoly. Some are holding back on migrating to “7”. Some are … Continue reading

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Android 4/Ice Cream Sandwich Becoming Available

If you are rich and famous like Steve Wozniak or living in UK, you may already own a device running ICS but the rest of us will have to wait a bit. It’s still one month until Christmas so I … Continue reading

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50% Off Desktops

IBM and Canonical are working together to provide better desktops at lower costs: “If a company is a ‘Windows shop,’ at some point it will need to evaluate the significant costs of migrating its base to Microsoft’s next desktop,” said … Continue reading

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M$, Finally Admitting Installation Is Second-Rate, Promises Improvement

The kind of installations that GNU/Linux has had for many years may finally be available to users of that other OS. M$’s data shows “clean install” times like 32 minutes becoming 21 minutes. That’s still not close to what I … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Get Much Smaller Than This, But It Could Be Cheaper

I really believe there is a large place in the market for small cheap computers, much larger than a niche. There’s just no need for wasted material in personal computing. We are getting close to “perfection” with thin clients and … Continue reading

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