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C-19, A Bill To Scrap The Non-Restricted Firearms Registry Passes Committee

41st Parliament, 1st Session The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security has the honour to present its FIRST REPORT In accordance with its Order of Reference of Tuesday, November 1, 2011, your Committee has considered Bill C-19, An … Continue reading

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Lenovo Displaces Dell As #2 Supplier Of PCs

iSuppli reports that in Q3 of 2011, Lenovo exceeded Dell’s PC shipments. Lenovo had huge growth thanks to its huge home market growth. HP stumbled a bit although it had good growth too. I suspect some growth is due to … Continue reading

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Apple Demands Recognition As A Patent Troll

Samsung has radically altered the appearance and layout of the Galaxy Tab for Germany calling the new model Tab 10.1N and putting a different bezel and speaker location on it. Still this does not satisfy Apple and it has demanded … Continue reading

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Distro Dance

The recent commotion about Ubuntu being displaced in popularity by Mint is a distraction from what’s really happening. No longer is Ubuntu a default choice. In fact, if you look at the 7 day scores, Ubuntu and Mint, together, are … Continue reading

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For years I have taught paperlessness in schools. My labs usually had a printer which was used only enough to teach students how to use it. External users of the lab got the most use of it. I am happy … Continue reading

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Desktop Virtualization

One of the neat things I like about GNU/Linux is that the desktop is automatically virtual. The X windows system is a networked desktop. It is interesting to see the world catch on to the advantages of desktop virtualization decades … Continue reading

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Apple Loses Its Injunction Against Samsung in Australia

A court decided Apple had a weak case and was unlikely to succeed in a full trial and so the injunction will be removed shortly unless Apple can get a higher court to play their game. see The Register – … Continue reading

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Server Growth is Happening Regionally

Gartner reports that, globally, server units shipped increased 7% in Q3 2011 compared to 2010 but eastern Europe and Asia had growth of 20%+. This looks like the usual server replacement with consolidation/virtualization continuing. Client shipments are almost flat so … Continue reading

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M$ Verging on Irrelevance

M$ is verging on irrelevance according to a recent survey. Asked early in 2011 what consumers thought of that other OS on a tablet, 45% were interested. Now, the number is 25%. At that rate of decline, interest will be … Continue reading

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Canadian Indian Reserves

Many of my teaching positions have been on northern Indian reservations in Canada. Conditions are quite variable. I have been on northern reserves with white picket fences and mowed lawns. I have been on reserves with no running water, ramshackle … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4

Alun Taylor has a review of ICS on The Register. His bottom line: “With Ice Cream Sandwich Android moves it’s game on by the greatest degree yet. In terms of look and feel it’s now hard on the heels of … Continue reading

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A Visit to Brazil

I was checking out DuckDuckGo search engine and used its setting to prefer .br and found VivaOLinux. It is a GNU/Linux-friendly site and I did not find any trolls in my brief visit. How refreshing. It’s in the top 10K … Continue reading

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