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Open Source, Limerick City Council

“In an effort to reduce software licencing costs, Limerick City Council is fully committed to adopting open source solutions that prove to be value for money.” via Open Source, Limerick City Council. Amen. Doing IT right as a local government … Continue reading

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M$’s True Market Share Is Just 20%

“while Microsoft operating systems were found on 97 per cent of all computing devices as recently as 2000, Redmond’s current share is just 20 per cent, thanks to the explosion of mobile devices in recent years.” see Goldman Sachs: Windows' … Continue reading

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Sublime and Ridiculous Items on CNN

I’ve been watching CNN a bit lately and while sometimes it’s informative and sometimes entertaining, I rarely comment on the content. In the last 24 h though I have been moved to write: CNN reporter Arwa Damon has been reporting … Continue reading

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Malware Built-in to That Other OS. M$ Have You No Shame?

“in Internet Explorer, versions 6–10, which allows your mouse cursor to be tracked anywhere on the screen—even if the Internet Explorer window is minimised” see — Internet Explorer Data Leakage. To be free of this monster, I recommend you … Continue reading

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Want to be Audited? Use M$’s Software.

M$ is desperately trying to milk the dying cash-cow by having salesmen push audits of M$’s users. “Redmond’s compliance troops swooped on 51 per cent of enterprises and partners polled for the 2012 Software Pricing and Licensing Survey by IDC … Continue reading

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If GNOME 2.x Wasn’t Broken, Why Fix It?

SJVN:“GNOME developers have woken up and are offering a way for GNOME users to go back to a GNOME 2.x style interface.” see GNOME: Can this Linux desktop be saved?. I haven’t liked GNOME even before the 3.x fiasco. I … Continue reading

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Thin Clients Eating M$’s Lunch

“in its home country of Germany, according to the latest independent study from ICT market analysts, ama GmbH. In the survey of over 6,000 businesses with more than 50 people, thin clients accounted for 11% of desktops and 35% of … Continue reading

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History of Lies

This from the “Lies M$ Told Us” department”: Microsoft stated that Windows is not intended to be used as a server, nor will future versions contain advanced OS/2 features such as distributed processing, the 32-bit flat memory model, threads or … Continue reading

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Giving Back to FLOSS

Today, I had the opportunity to give back a little to FLOSS. I downloaded and installed the GNU Exterior Ballistics Calculator (gebc) to use with my hunting and target shooting. It took a bit of fiddling to install in Debian … Continue reading

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Phsssssss… Air Leaks Out of Oracle v Google Damage Claims

Rather than $billions for the whole market of stuff, Oracle now has to itemize each and every usage of its valuable intellectual property so that the court can calculate damages, if any, accurately. “Counsel for Oracle shall identify, for each … Continue reading

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Shipments of Kindle Fire Expected To Reach 5 Million in One Quarter

That has to hurt Apple’s dreams of monopoly. One model of tablet, from a single supplier, taking such a large share of shipments of tablets pretty well guarantees that other suppliers will drop prices to compete against Kindle Fire and … Continue reading

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The Neatest Thing About Debian GNU/Linux

There are a lot of things I like about Debian GNU/Linux. At the moment APT is the thing I love most. I just upgraded my most complex system, Beast, from it’s thin client, using SSH to the next release and … Continue reading

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