On Virginia

This isn’t really about Virginia, the debacle last night wherein Virginians chose a Government of Pigs candidate for governor. It’s really about democracy, but I thought the title might be useful and Virginia is a great example of how not to run a democracy.

The GOP ran a great campaign in Virginia:

  • We won’t teach anything about the shameful parts of our history including any works of fiction about such topics. In fact, we will ban stuff that isn’t being taught and even great works of literature.
  • We will consider black/brown/city folk as the enemy. After all, they are not us. They are the other.
  • We won’t tell you anything about how we are going to reverse the progress sparked by the Democratic Party who raised educational standards, boosted the economy so all could prosper, and we are going to make it harder for those black/brown/city folk to vote so we can stay in power.

Instead of a positive campaign of ideas about improving life in Virginia and the world the Government of Pigs gave a disgusting performance encouraging parents to scream threats at members of school boards demanding to micromanage education. McAuliffe told people straight up we don’t want parents micromanaging. How would education work if each parent demanded every student be given the education that parent wanted for one particular student? There would be nothing taught in school. Everyone has pet/peeve subjects. Everyone has a book easy/difficult to read. Schools cannot please everyone. Instead we have professional bodies study curricula around the world, develop a curriculum that’s relevant and effective in a competitive world and promulgate that to educators. School boards have almost nothing to do with curriculum. They keep the lights on, the roof free of leaks and hire/fire teachers. So, the Government of Pigs were willing to wreck the educational system just to rile up racial hatred.

The GOP did promise a better future while promising not a single vote for policies popular in D.C. and Virginia. Don’t accept political parties’ promises on face value. Look at what they do in D.C., Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Is that what you want in Virginia or your state? Shake your heads. WAKE UP! Don’t let the Government of Pigs do this to you.

Virginians fell for it. Not all Virginians, but many. Some counties were 85% Ds and some 80% Rs based on whiteness, urban/rural and income. The Government of Pigs chose to divide citizens rather than to unite them in worthy acts. What’s their end-goal, another “uncivil” war?

No, Virginia last night was not about Virginia but about whether USAians will remain USAians or citizens of dystopian tribes impaled on AR-15s. A wise woman once told me “You judge a tree by the fruit of it.”. There’s no good fruit on the GOP’s tree. Their fruit are lies, hatred and violence.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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