Biden’s Lies

Biden was not my first choice for President. He was weak on the environment, weak on universal health insurance,weak on human rights, and willing to follow the path of Trump on immigration and foreign affairs. Recent events on domestic affairs reaffirms my view. He wants “bipartisan” deals with a party that doesn’t want bipartisan deals, that wants to overthrow democracy: representation by population and majority rule, and keeping Jim Crow-era filibusters.

Now, we have the hasty departure from Afghanistan, leaving in the lurch all the women and girls of the country and afghans who worked with USA and other foreign countries to fight terrorism and breed enlightenment. In his speech just now Biden uttered lies worthy of Trump:

  • Afghanistan was never about nation-building… What nonsense. Afghanistan has long been a failed state. In the 1990s it was run by the Taliban, a terrorist organization which supported Al Qaeda which attacked USA multiple times before 9/11. The right and only way to fight that terrorism was to build a new nation which USA and others tried to do. Adopting half-measures, the intervenors failed to promote a free and open democracy founded on a strong constitution and free of tribalism and corruption.
  • We can’t stay forever… USA has no problem staying forever in other defeated enemies’ territories: Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain… Staying has obvious great advantages like building a strong economy and trading partner, preventing more terrorism, liberating women, promoting democracy, damping the tendency to regional conflict… The cost of leaving the job half done is more terrorism and war with more experienced, wealthy and inspired groups of terrorists. The world is full of examples where the more persistent and stronger party eventually won a better situation regardless of the time involved. Certainly the per annum cost in blood and treasure was trending downward as Afghanistan recovered but without support and with corruption Afghanistan could not stand. For months, the armed forces of Afghanistan were not paid, fed or supported regularly. Where was the money going??? Follow the money …
  • We did the best we could… Nope, not even close. Even on the last day, USA responded to encirclement by the Taliban with yet another form to fill out on a website to get a visa. Bureaucracy does no good for refugees living in tents in a park. Visas people needed to get on a commercial flight were delayed months when people saw the writing on the wall years earlier.
  • We didn’t foresee how fast this would happen nor that the Afghans would not fight… More lies. Intelligence agencies, the military, journalists, women, men, even children in Afghanistan saw the writing on the wall. Those who thought there was a shadow of hope knew the jig was up when Trump excluded the Afghan government from talks with the Taliban. Biden did nothing to discourage the conclusion that Afghanistan was circling the drain.
  • There’s no chance Kabul will fall… That’s not what his intelligence agencies, the military and journalists were telling him.

I can’t blame Biden for the mess he inherited but he certainly could have chosen a better path to fix things. I think he owns Afghanistan now. Whatever bad outcome happens will be his fault, forever. The worst outcomes might be a long reign of terror with Taliban seeking revenge or subjecting women to forced marriage and complete body-coverings, but it is almost certain that Al Qaeda and the Taliban will be empowered to bring a reign of terror globally. After all, now they have tens of millions of slaves to fund their efforts. Thank you, Joe Biden.

In the short term, the Ds should primary Biden out of office and put in a strong liberally minded woman in charge. Not the VP. She’s Biden-light. I’m thinking of someone like AOC who actually values women and stands up for what’s right. I don’t think she would want to go back to full-blown war in Afghanistan but at least I trust her to do what’s right for USA, Afghanistan and the world rather than hiding behind slogans.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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