Springing Forth

Spring is in the air. I’ve changed to summer tires. I’ve pruned and propagated many trees and shrubs. I’m booked for immunization against COVID-19. I’ve cancelled my order for my RED Solo EV and bought some peanut butter and other groceries and some bulbs of lilies with the refunded deposit.

I have mixed feelings about the Solo EV. I’m still sure it’s the right vehicle for me. Very practical for my mostly short trips on the highway visiting nearby towns and hunting/gathering places. Very efficient. Very easy to operate and to maintain. Just not being produced in quantity.

I know the Solo EV can be built and sold at a profit but for whatever reasons EMV has fumbled the ball repeatedly. They “released” the car in 2016. I signed on in 2017. They were producing a few in Vancouver for a while. There are a few on the roads in BC. They made an agreement with a manufacturer of motorcycles in China to crank out thousands. Apparently, a redesign was in order, hence Solo 2. Production was announced. Still no Solos. Then there was a change in management, a redesign, imminent production announced again and still no Solos. For an outfit producing thousands of Solos annually, where are the cars?

I lost faith. The move to sell first in USA, a country run by Trump with weird attitudes to international trade/tariffs, a long search for a USA plant, and still no flood of Chinese-Solos. The redesign and the abandonment of Canada as a centre of production/sales killed my enthusiasm. I was happy with Solo 1. I was OK with Solo 2. Things can always be improved. I didn’t see any improvements in Solo 3. I didn’t need a newer/better radio. I didn’t need A/C. I didn’t need wider/heavier/less efficient. Finally, Solo 1 use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They are proven, reliable, rugged and safe. The new technology has proven to be less safe. Yes, it can burst into flames. That’s not what I want in my EV. Further, I just hate the communications of the new management. If they can’t ship Solos, I would like to know why while waiting all these years. Not knowing anything about their plans to sell me a Solo just killed my enthusiasm.

So, it’s done. I have a couple of months’ worth of groceries and some new lilies headed for the garden. It’s all good. Life goes on with or without Solo. If Solo ever comes back to Canada, I might buy one as a second car. For now, I’m looking at several models of used EVs which although less efficient are still very practical for my usage. I can even envisage yanking out the back seats and adding a larger battery. The EV is the wave of the future. Every day that EMV does not produce Solo makes other EVs more attractive. At least they are available and have an infrastructure.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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