Nissan Leaf May Be Long In The Tooth But Nissan Is Still Sharp

“A decade after the introduction of its Leaf compact EV, Nissan tonight officially unveiled the Ariya electric SUV. The Ariya promises to shake up the EV market with an attractive all-electric crossover providing up to 300 miles on a charge — with a base model starting at $40,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on sale until well into 2021.
The Ariya will be available in front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations. Two different battery sizes will be offered: 63kWh and 87kWh. Given the Ariya’s relatively small size — a C segment vehicle a little shorter than a Nissan Rogue — the bigger battery version stands a chance of hitting the 300-mile mark. (The Ariya is about 4 inches shorter than the Tesla Model Y.)”
See Nissan unveils 300-mile Ariya electric SUV with liquid-cooled battery, 130kW CCS charging, starts at $40k

Ten years ago, Nissan Leaf was on my short list for a replacement for an ancient van. TLW bought a hybrid instead, liking the good acceleration and “used luxury” status. Nissan Leaf did not excite her.

Nissan Ariya might. It has better style than the Leaf, probably better engineering as a result of experience with Leaf, reasonable price, a huge battery offered in two sizes and reasonable efficiency in terms of km/kWh. Combined with good torque at low RPM, low maintenance, quiet etc. She should like this. Must arrange a test drive for her, whether she likes it or not…

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