Update on Everything

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has happened. Here’s my take on it.

Trump has turned daily briefings into political ads for himself. It won’t work. Even Rasmussen has him far down in the polls. They’ve supported him through thick and thin. This is thinner. Trump can’t blame Obama for what Trump has done to gut USAian response to COVID-19. Trump can’t blame Obama for deaths on Trump’s watch. The %$#@@@! is hitting the fan. Things like this just smell bad as the bodies pile up. Even SD, out in the sticks just south of where I live, has had a meat-packing plant close because there weren’t enough healthy workers to do the jobs. How is USA to reopen on May 1? Only with a wave of dead USAians in his strongest supporters. Of course a lot of Ds are dying but the turnout on election day will be overwhelming. Trumpism is toast. The day of retribution draws nearer. I can see subpoenas and arrest warrants going out all over the land on 2021 January 20. I think transition teams will be making lists. I would not be surprised if SCOTUS justices are asked to sign warrants on the dais at the inauguration of Biden. Trump will either have to fly to Russia on Trump Air earlier or lead a coup. Neither will succeed. There are enough good USAians to prevent those outcomes from succeeding.

The winter was mild but I’m impatient for spring to spring. We’re just ending a cold snap but above normal temperatures are expected. My living room is full of seedlings soaking up the rays nevertheless. It looks like a good year for sour cherries. They seem to love the muck I call soil and one gave fruit last year. I’m going to propagate by seed and cuttings to fill up the rest of the yard before TLW (The Little Woman) notices. Except for Christmas ornaments and fixing her berms she barely walks around the yard. She won’t notice new seedlings and cutting popping up everywhere. The plums are slowly but surely taking hold. I expect some flowers this year. Amen. It’s all good.

Damned COVID-19 marches on. My part of the world has largely been spared but we’re taking no chances. Grocery shopping is down to monthly and we even had Easter over the Internet. I missed the chocolate… I expect it will be more than a year before COVID-19 is handled and Trump will be in the news but in a good way for a change, in the rearview mirror.

The new Beast which I call Ghost of Beast is singing and dancing before me. The hardware is rock-solid and a bit quicker than my old computer. Databases, web-applications and desktop applications all work well. I’ve even grown comfortable talking to Beast over SSH from the comfort of my Lazy Boy chair via stupid phone. So far, the only problem seems to be that I have 99% occupancy on one partition. I may actually have to start deleting stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve taken to deleting images I stored in the 20th Century that aren’t of much particular interest. Stuff like people I don’t remember doing stuff I don’t remember. I keep a few that do connect with my failing memory. I have about 20 databases I haven’t used in years. They could go. The root directory of my web-server is cluttered with applications connected to such databases. They can go. I do have a grand daughter who might like to inherit my dabases of recipes and texts from the web. I expect she will have her own computer soon, so we could have a database-transferring party…

Thanks to Trumpism and COVID-19 the price of gold is approaching another all time high. It could be a very good year for my investments which I bought for pennies a share and are now sitting on $billions worth of gold. Unfortunately, my Solo EV seems to be still over the horizon. I’m definitely over the hill. Maybe we will meet on the other side.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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