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“In the two decades before model year 2004, technology innovation was generally used to increase vehicle power, and weight increased due to changing vehicle design, increased vehicle size, and increased content. During this period, average new vehicle fuel economy steadily decreased and CO2 emissions correspondingly increased. However, since model year 2004 technology has been used to increase fuel economy (up 29%) and power (up 11%), while maintaining vehicle weight and reducing CO2 emissions (down 23%). The improvement in CO2 emissions and fuel economy since 2004 is due to many factors, including gasoline prices, consumer preference, and increasing stringency of NHTSA light-duty car and truck CAFE standards.”
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OK. The engineers who design ICEd vehicles have accomplished something in improving efficiency of ICEd vehicles. However, US DOE is crowing about an average fuel consumption of about 25 MPG… Lots of electric vehicles get 100 MPGe and a few approach 200 MPGe. The DOE is barking up the wrong tree. The engineers should focus on putting the same effort into making sub-compact EVs with streamlined shapes and very small cross-sections, like Electra Meccanica does with their Solo, a commuter car made for one. Why push more air out of the way than necessary? Why haul around empty seats? Why heat up the air from exhaust and radiator? Why manufacture CO, CO2, NOx just to get from A to B? Those are unnecessary obvious things that can be fixed by making small electric vehicles. Do the right thing. Drive electrically. Drive Solo.

On a side note, my gas-guzzler which lost its steering a couple of months ago at great expense, lost its engine this week, and TLW is determined to repair it rather than drive electrically. Some people just don’t get it. Canada is offering a $5000 rebate for new EVs starting in May, so the time is right. Just in case, I handed her a link to the Smart For Two EV from Mercedes Benz. There’s a new one on sale in Winnipeg for $34K. Let’s hope the estimate for repairs to the old gas-guzzler exceeds the value of the vehicle… That should be easy. The value of a gas-guzzler is negative… The Smart has about the same range as Solo but has two seats, something she insists is important. She responded by saying small cars are dangerous, even though much of the world now drives compact and sub-compact cars to help get the pitiful MPG ratings that are now normal.

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