Manitoba Government Sells Out Pineland Forest Nursery

“The Manitoba government has concluded a deal to revitalize and bring new economic opportunities to Pineland Forest Nursery and the surrounding region, with the successful bidder being a company that plans to grow and develop hemp, Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen and Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires announced today.

Pineland Forest Nursery, near Hadashville, was originally established to produce seedlings for the province and supplied some seedlings for customers outside the province as well. An extensive review determined the nursery was not viable as a provincially operated entity as it was losing nearly half a million dollars a year.
See Province Concludes Deal to Bring New Economic Opportunities to Pineland Forest Nursery
Manitoba needs all the trees it can grow, and hemp too but the government has decided to stop growing the seedlings needed to grow the trees… Who cares if it takes some money to do that? The trees have value the bean-counters are not counting. I feel the need to vote coming on.

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