Electra Meccanica Provides Details On Production Of The SOLO EV

“In 2018, Electra Meccanica produced over 40 manually-built vehicles at their first manufacturing facility in Vancouver, BC and delivered them to customers throughout the United States and Canada. These vehicles were delivered to paying customers and potential customers in efforts to conduct pilot tests for commercial use, as well as used for Global Compliance testing, such as crash tests. The Company revealed an image gallery of the first SOLO EV’s that were delivered to customers during 2018, which can be viewed at Gallery .
In October 2017, Electra Meccanica signed a manufacturing agreement with their strategic partner, Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd, to produce mass quantities of the Company’s SOLO all-electric vehicle at their manufacturing factory based in Chongqing, China. This manufacturing facility recently shipped its first two 2019 SOLO EV’s to the the Company’s headquarters in Vancouver for on-road testing. An additional 48 SOLO EV’s are scheduled for shipment from the Zongshen factory to Los Angeles, Portland and Vancouver in the first quarter of 2019.”
See Electra Meccanica Provides Production Update for Model SOLO EV’s From High-Volume Manufacturing Facility Nasdaq:SOLO
Now there’s a proper press-release. I guess we are the press…

It appears EMV doesn’t want to over-promise. “first quarter of 2019” is still very vague and far away from delivery to me in Canada… When I schedule something for delivery, there is a date certain that I could tell people. When I ordered heavy items from China, I knew which boat carried them and the date of unloading and clearance at Customs and … I guess good things are worth the wait.

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