Electric Car Benefits

“Moving on to drivers’ favorite things about electric cars now that they have them, “environmental benefit” didn’t always win the day. Instant torque and the smooth and quiet ride of an electric car were often at or near the top of the charts. The convenience of home charging and low maintenance also sometimes made it onto the podium. Low maintenance was actually the highest scoring benefit among non-Tesla EV drivers in North America.”
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Experience is a great teacher. The neat thing about it is that experiences can be shared. A whole society can learn from the experiences of friends, neighbours, leaders… With EVs, one can make the choice based on news, essays, specifications, shared experiences, and just common sense. If it costs less to drive a kilometre in an EV, why not do it that way? If an EV is not much more trouble than your refrigerator, go for it. If the guy down the street is enjoying his, check it out. It’s all good.

EVs are here to stay. They are growing on us. They will reduce waste, pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions sharply. Choose an EV sooner rather than later to maximize the benefits to all of us.

I’ve been driving a gas-guzzling hybrid EV for a decade. I hate it, maintenance, heat, stench, warm-ups, oil-changes… I’d much rather plug in a battery-powered EV. My first choice is the Solo EV since our gas-guzzler is almost always driven around empty. It just makes sense to drive Solo.

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