The Aftermath

“Almost two years ago, millions of women across the world donned pink hats and held up signs that warned of pussies grabbing back. On Tuesday, women made good on their promise and led Democrats to grab back the House: A record-breaking 96 women have already won seats in the House, and 22 have won in the Senate.
That means a historic 118 women triumphed in their races for Congress. And while liberals did lose ground in the Senate, the only Democrat to flip a Republican-held seat was a woman. (So far — results are still rolling in.)
Another nine woman will serve as governors, which matches the previous record.”
See She’s Running: Women broke midterms records right and left (but mostly on the left)
I’ve refrained for two nights from commenting on the US mid-term elections. I wanted to calm down a bit…

While Democrats gained a majority in the House I was disappointed with their showing in the Senate. Clearly, it seems many USAians are still not convinced Trump is not God in a second reincarnation. Despite that, things are looking rosy:

  • The House can investigate the Hell out of Trumpists,
  • the House can control spending somewhat,
  • the House can support the Mueller investigation by funding it if necessary, and
  • the House can surely publicize every evil thing Trump does.

Unfortunately, Trump can still do a lot of damage in the “lame duck” period before the new House is sworn in. Trump fired Sessions on Day One of this period. Expect more reckless acts because Trump believes he can’t be impeached with his increased majority in the Senate. What he doesn’t realize is that with the exposure the House will give him, senators will eventually jump ship in hope of retaining their seats in the next election. Further, the new Democratic governors out there will oppose Trump wherever they can, particularly against any further attempts to scrap ObamaCare, build a stupid wall, or build up his “thought police”. Trump has offended sufficient voters that Trumpism has no future. Everyone saw newbies gobble up open seats and unseat incumbents despite Trump’s juggernaut using taxpayers’ money to stump all over red states. He was able to support a few senators but lost the House in a good sized wave of blue. The emperor has no clothes and senators cannot ride his coattails.

So, we live in interesting times but a Free Press and a liberated House and lots of women in Congress will save the day. The tired old white men could not resist Trumpism’s lies but the new blood will have none of it. Trump is destroying the Republican party and millions have left it. Not enough are left to win the presidency again nor retain the Senate next time. The national total of House votes were 49% of eligible voters and Democrats got 10% more votes than Republicans for Representatives. Amen.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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