Nissan Torpedoes The Leaf

“The good news for Nissan LEAF fans is that the second generation car with a 60 kWh battery is scheduled to go into production early next year. With the larger battery, the LEAF will have a projected EPA range of 225 miles. That’s important. Putting aside whether people really need that much range, a popular perception is beginning to emerge that an electric car needs at least 200 miles of range to be worth considering. The larger battery will make the LEAF more competitive with the Chevy Bolt, which has a range of 238 miles.”
See 60 kWh Nissan LEAF Projected To Cost $5,500 More Than 40 kWh Version
HUH?!? Nissan is raising the price of Leaf and justifying it by the addition of 20kWh of battery (75 miles range)! It might make sense if they left the smaller battery as an option for drivers who rarely travel outside of a city or the Leaf were truly a luxurious EV. It’s not. It’s a decent family car but decent families may need a smaller more efficient car not a small truck.

Further, the idea that range of an EV must be >200 miles is just silly. Lots of commuters and drivers for errands take short trips with an empty car. That’s why I like the Solo EV, costing half what a Leaf costs but doing what I need done, transporting me and a bit of stuff from A to B. Nissan is painting Leaf into a corner where rich USAians might shop but the rest of us avoid. In my family one or two Solos would be much more useful than one of these higher-priced Leafs. TLW and I could go to multiple destinations simultaneously. We could haul all the usual stuff and we are rarely far from Winnipeg. TLW has only been away from Winnipeg by road twice in the last year. Should we have a useless Leaf and unused battery sitting around idle all year long for that? Nope. Further, Solo could have done one of those trips easily, the other with some serious planning and a couple of extra days. We are retired folk. A couple of days somewhere else can be welcome.

Nope. This is a move which will severely impact adoption of Leaf. Tesla took away some of the initial steam from Leaf but it wasn’t for lack of range. Tesla’s cars are truly luxurious and some want that. For Pity’s sake, people who drive ICEd vehicles are happy with compact and sub-compact cars. Why would EVs be different? They wouldn’t. QED

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