Google Delivers

“Google announced that it will add electric vehicle charging stations to Google Maps from several networks around the world.
A quick search for keywords like “EV charging”, “EV charging stations” or any other similar term on Google Maps will display the nearest supported stations.”
See Google Maps adds EV charging locations around the world
This is cool! One problem for drivers of EVs outside their local territories is finding charging stations. Makers like Teslas have created a huge network which takes care of their vehicles quite well but others are left in the lurch. One may need an adapter to charge at a Tesla station. There are several other networks but they lack coverage and a driver may have to check multiple networks to find a charger. That sucks. So, Google is going to be one-stop shopping for charging stations. Let’s try it out!

“charging stations Manitoba” finds three (3), two Tesla’s and a Sun Country Highway. “charging stations brandon, mb” finds 9 but they are all in Winnipeg. Apparently the search tracks the current map… Oops! I guess they are still working on it. My tiny brain knows of dozens… My kids call me “Mr Google” but this is ridiculous. Let’s hope Google does a more thorough harvest of the data available out there.

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