Do You Have Two Or More Vehicles For Personal Transportation?

“In a one-vehicle household the average daily mileage is about 30 miles, according to the 2017 National Household Travel Survey. In a two-vehicle household, the first vehicle averages nearly 40 miles in a day; in a three-vehicle household, the first vehicle averages over 40 miles per day. This trend continues and the average daily miles of the first vehicle in a six-vehicle household is about 50 miles a day. Daily miles for the second vehicle in each of these categories is 50-55% that of the first vehicle.”
See FOTW #1047, September 17, 2018: Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled Varies with the Number of Household Vehicles
I love it that one of the roles of government is to collect data that is valuable but yet extremely expensive/difficult for individuals, no matter how thoughtful, to collect.

In this case, it’s the US DOE (Department of Energy). It’s their business to know things like how much energy is available and how it’s used. In this case, it’s energy used by electric vehicles. They found a pattern, that families that have a second or third vehicle usually have one vehicle that gets twice the use as the next and so on. Where I live most houses have “three-car” garages. Most have about two cars but some have six or eight cluttering up their driveways. I guess we’re affluent. Unlike DOE, my observation is that after two cars, the extra vehicles are rarely used. I swear they mostly have square tires… In any case, Solo EVs could deal with the average daily distance of the average family car even in a six-car family.

In my own home, I plan on going from one hybrid EV to one hybrid and one fully electric vehicle, the Electra Meccanica Solo. My usage of a vehicle will definitely increase. At the moment, TLW mostly drives the gas-guzzler. I will mostly drive the Solo so our total distance driven will rise but the cost of driving will drop dramatically. I am hopeful that when TLW sees the advantages of Solo, we will become a two-Solo family. Solo is perfect for what she does. In the past the gas-guzzler was a saviour when we had a family, furniture, wood, steel, stuff to drag around, but we rarely do that now, just groceries/medical/visits. The kids have flown the nest. They can drive their own offsprings.

A Solo is about eight times more efficient (measured by kWh per km) than a gas-guzzler so if we double the distance we are still saving ¾ of the energy used for transportation. As we age further, I expect the savings in energy will be larger.

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