Electrified Vehicles

“All major automakers reported September sales numbers for electrified vehicles.Numbers are considerably higher than the totals in September 2017. For the month, more than 44,400 electrified vehicles were sold compared to last year’s 21,516 vehicles.This means that more than 235,000 electrified vehicles have been delivered in the U.S. through the end of September 2018.”
See September 2018 electrified sales in the US
A doubling in sales of EVs in September 2018 compared to 2017 seems great until one looks at the details. Almost all the increase is due to a single maker, Tesla, shipping a single model, Tesla 3.

Think about that. Clearly, people and the market want EVs, lots of them. Makers clearly aren’t making and distributing enough. OK, they may want to preserve their cash-flows from gas-guzzlers. Then buy from real EV-makers heavily invested in EVs like Electra Meccanica. There’s no doubt about them wanting to sell every EV they can make ASAP just to stop the loss of blood. Solo EVs have a high enough margin that EMV can break even in a year or so selling just a few thousand vehicles annually. If they ramp up to tens of thousands per annum, they will be rolling in money and increasing production. That’s what we need instead of makers of gas-guzzlers timidly putting their toes in the pond. Once people are able to buy an EV instead of a gas-guzzler makers will fall all over themselves trying to entice customers to buy their EVs. Until that happens, they will make a few EVs available as a token of interest.

Buy an electric car from someone who cares. The makers of gas-guzzlers don’t seem to care much at all.

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