The World Of Politics (As I Would Wish It…)

I’ve been watching USAian politics with rapt attention for a couple of years now. Oh, the horror…

The mid-term elections look like the best hope to right the ship. The Ds seem set to regain control of the House. They can then restart proper investigations by committee and do something about balancing the books and bringing back proper health insurance. Enough Ds support universal health insurance that it could make a resurgence. Trump might even sign on rather than becoming a very lame lame duck.

The Senate is the big question. To impeach and really turn the screws on investigating the Trump-train the Senate needs to return to its constitutional role of giving sober second thought and overview. According to RealClearPolitics, the Senate is likely to remain in the same state, Ds 49, Rs 51 but it’s close. To remain in the same state, ND, FL and MO have to be wins for the Rs. FL and MO are really close, well inside the “margin for error” in the polls. For the world to go as I would wish, FL and MO need to go to the Ds. That would result in 51 Ds in the Senate, not a wonderful state but good enough to accomplish some severe oversight.

I expect Ds, seeing how close those states are, make renewed efforts giving results. Things like registering voters and turning out the vote could do the trick. With so few states being in play, the focus will be intense. Also, I still hold out hope that ND, which is adjacent to Canada, might pivot on healthcare. Clearly, a party that leans towards universal health insurance is more desirable than one that supports healthcare only for the wealthy. Then there are other issues of great concern for women. Seeing the Rs push through Kavanaugh to sit on SCOTUS may inspire another surge in women voting D on the day. It’s being revealed that Kavanaugh was a drunken criminal in his youth and lied about it in adulthood. He may have been exemplary in adulthood but that may have resulted from guilt. No one likes a liar/hypocrite. Having one more added to SCOTUS is outrageous. The clear majority don’t want to return to the days when women were criminalized for birth control or abortion. Proficiency at law is no substitute for morality. A constitution and legislation drawn up and enforced by men in power over women is unacceptable today. Kavanaugh’s appointment is clearly about politics rather than equality, law and justice. The tariff wars may also tip ND towards sanity. 52 D, 48 R would be the world as I would wish it, a clear majority opposing Trumpism.

With Congress in the hands of the Ds, I want to see revitalized investigations of Trumpism, bringing back modern healthcare, peace on Earth and revitalized emphasis on women’s issues. Clearly, the Senate having some senators in power who were involved in the Anita Hill affair is long overdue for change. Trumpism is a house of cards likely to fall under its own weight, despite tax-cuts and reductions in regulation. Millions can’t ignore madness simply because there is a connection to a few desirable outcomes. Millions can’t ignore monstrous deficits based on military spending for wars that are not being fought while massive injustice haunts the world. Government must have a legal, fiscal and moral basis or it is of no benefit. USA does not need chaos. It needs good government. That begins with stomping on the Rs. The Rs either have to go away or do a serious change of course. I’m cool with either outcome. Too bad it’s taken so long to accomplish the necessary changes.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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