“Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess announced recently at a management event that company employees will be asked to switch to clean electric cars with the promise of bonuses and other incentives. While top managers have shown little enthusiasm, Diess is of the opinion that the company cannot ask customers to buy clean cars when employees are still driving diesel.”
See VW CEO Wants Managers To Drive Electric
I agree! VW messed up royally with dieselgate and like most EV-makers has not done much to push EVs. If they ever want to return to leadership they need some top-down action soon. I doubt getting bosses to drive electrically will affect consumers but it’s sure to be noticed by middle management and employees. If they see the bosses are serious enough about EVs to drive them maybe the bosses will actually appreciate employees making and selling the things…

It’s just a thought. It may happen or it may not but the world would be a better place if one more EV-maker who also makes belching cars would not handicap EVs. We have the technology. No stone should be left unturned to achieve maturity in the market-place. I hope this results in more EVs in showrooms and being test-driven and bought by consumers. I think several makers of EVs have the malaise of treating EVs as second rate. Makers of EVs who make nothing else may also be ill with overconfidence. We need to cure both. The EV is the right way to drive and we had better mostly be using EVs in ten years or we are in serious trouble. The time to start was a decade ago. We’ll have to work hard to catch up to where we need to be.

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