PCI Express On the 96Boards Poplar

“I am very excited to let our readers know that finally, thanks to some developments in the past month, we now have a fully functioning PCIe slot on the Poplar Board!
Late last year, we saw the release of Linux 4.9 for the Poplar, which brought in support for PCIe. But even then we noticed that an externally powered PCIe Riser, like the one shown below, was required for most PCIe card to power up and get detected.”
See PCI Express On the 96Boards Poplar Enterprise Edition Board
It took a while but I can now buy an inexpensive ARMed card (or a second option) with a PCI slot for SATA or Ethernet or more USB ports… It’s all good. The world is moving on as it should and ARM is becoming more useful. I was planning on using a USB3 hub to add SATA but now I can move Beast’s PCI card over and not even have to disconnect the new 1TB hard drives. I like it. The Poplar is an older CPU but uses way less power than my Beast, so this year is probably the year…

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