Blood In The Water – 2018 Congressional Election

OMG! A few weeks before the midterm election and the sharks are gathering for GOP blood…

Last week, the House of Representatives seemed locked for a Democratic Blue Wave. It’s getting stronger. Everyone sees Mueller getting more convictions and hauling more into court for dealing in dirty Russian money or just dirt. Everyone sees the mindless repetition of “NO COLLUSION, NO COLLUSION, NO COLLUSION!” just isn’t gaining traction. Every week we see more signs of collusion and Mueller is months ahead of what is public. There is little doubt that Trump and Trump Inc. has depended on dirty Russian money for decades. Now even Trump’s inauguration was tainted with Russian money. When Trump was arguing his audience was the largest ever, he should have been arguing that it drew in more Russian money than ever seen before… People aren’t caring about reduced taxes and regulation. That’s chiefly benefiting Trump and his rich friends. What Trump has done lately for his base is take passports away from Hispanics along the US border, offend all branches of the military by raising the flag lowered for McCain after a few hours, ran the ineffective relief for thousands of Puertoricans, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths, and so on. What ever happened to “hiring the best”? Seems more like Trump has repelled the best and punished the rest.

The Senate? That was looking pretty safe for Trump. Last weeks, Cruz was ahead in the polls by 10%. Now he’s neck and neck… Last weeks, RCP has 7 tossup senate seats. Now it’s 9. Cruz and Scott are the only ones above water in that list. OMG! It’s a blue tsunami. Montana switched from “leaning D” to “tossup” and Texas switched from “leaning GOP” to “tossup”. Montana has way more Republicans than Democrats. For it to be close is a good sign. I like the flow of this. Need more polling…

Expect Trump to be impeached in January if not sooner kicked out. Pence is eager to hold the reins of power. A meeting in some beer-hall is all that would be required to move the cabinet to do the deed.

See RealClearPolitics – 2018 Senate Election Polls

According to WAPO, 60% would be happy to see Trump go. It will happen whether he and sycophants believe eyes/ears or not.

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