“With PC makers like Asus and HP beginning to design laptops and tablets around ARM chips, ARM itself has decided to emerge from the shadows and unroll its roadmap to challenge Intel through at least 2020.
ARM’s now-public roadmap represents its first processors that are designed for the PC space. ARM, taking aim at the dominant player, claims its chips will equal and potentially even surpass Intel’s in single-threaded performance.”
See ARM challenges Intel in PCs with Deimos and Hercules chips
In the competition is good department, ARM has now dropped all pretence to be avoiding the desktop space. I’ve known for a few years that ARMed CPUs could do what I need done in the server space and a few systems using their chips could be useful int desktops but now ARM is explicitly aiming to do that. Key factors will be reduced resolution to 7nm and 5nm and higher clockspeeds. It’s all good.

It will be interesting to see how Intel responds. They are locked into supporting a backwards architecture due to huge investments in software globally. I don’t care about that. I use GNU/Linux and FLOSS exclusively. My software will run natively on optimized hardware designed by ARM and associates. I do care about having real competition in the space.

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