“A large majority of people, therefore, require a range of no more than 180 miles in their electric vehicle. It is notable that the 2018 Nissan Leaf, which I drove in a recent test achieved a range of 185 miles on my journey, and that Nissan Leaf has a battery that is 40 kWh in size. That being the case, it seems the vast majority of people require a battery size of no more than 40 kilowatt hours, and the Nissan Leaf would be an ideal family car for most people.”
See What Is The Optimum EV Range?
The range, the distance an EV can cover on the charge of its battery, is an important parameter for those loving or owning an EV and for those hating EVs and loving, stupidly, the gas-guzzler. For EV lovers, if the range is sufficient to get the job of going from A to B done well, there is no problem. For the haters, any range less than 1000km may be problematic. There go two solitudes.

Most people who try or drive EVs love them. They are quiet, efficient and economical and the range doesn’t matter if it covers their commutes and errands. One doesn’t need a big artillery piece to shoot a gopher. One doesn’t need 1000km range from an EV, most of the time. Data show that most folks drive around alone in their gas-guzzler and travel less than 80km in a day. If you travel daily on the highway long distances an EV may not be for you but you are a minority. The survey attached to TFA shows a majority would be quite happy with a range of 200km or less. That gets the job done and is achievable by many EVs from luxurious ones to bare bones ones like my favourite, the EMV Solo. It has a nominal range of 161 km which can be stretched to 200km by driving at the speeds I drive… That’s optimal for me as it takes only 17kWh of energy to do that. It costs peanuts to operate and to maintain. NO OIL CHANGES!!! VERY FEW MOVING PARTS!!! I need say no more.

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