The Koch Network Has Buyer’s Remorse

“guiding the network’s pivot is its angst over the direction of Republicans in Congress, who earlier this year approved a $1.3 trillion spending agreement that increased federal government funding for defense spending and domestic programs. Brian Hooks, the network’s co-chair, panned that legislation Sunday as the “most irresponsible budget in history,” expressing disappointment that “we supported the elections of these guys” in the Republican Party who backed it.”
See The Koch network threatens to hold GOP to account
Unlike Trump, the Kochs are businessmen. They are all about getting value for money and they don’t like what their dollars bought in the last elections, idiotic support of Trump and Trumpism. This decision to invest in results rather than following the crowd is the right one. Let’s hope the rest of the GOP sees the light sooner rather than later. One should not have to follow the leader over a cliff to realize the leader is headed in the wrong direction. Let’s hope this move ensures the Democrats take control of Congress this year to actually prevent catastrophe. Let’s hope the voters realize how close they came to losing their democracy just because of a few stupid empty slogans.

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