Chickens Coming Home To Roost

“Three new polls done by NBC/Marist of the Senate and gubernatorial races in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin show things may be taking a turn for the worse for Republicans in the fall elections. The race for governor in Wisconsin has some unpleasant news for Republican incumbent, Gov. Scott Walker, who is seeking his third term in 2018. Sixty-one percent of Wisconsin’s registered voters think they should “give a new person a chance” instead of re-electing Walker, the polling shows.”
See New polls show bad news for Republicans
A lot of the independents and women who were fooled into voting for Trump have learned their lessons and are voting for anything but Trump’s personal party, the GOP. On top of that the GOP is shrinking. Young people who are reaching voting age by millions annually are largely going to vote Democratic. They are motivated by all kinds of issues living in the anthills that Trump has kicked: gun-control, the EPA, global warming, the Paris accords, the Iranian deal, healthcare, government welfare for the rich, Trump’s corruption, Trump’s collusion with Putin, child abuse at the border, disruptive behaviour of ICE, and Trump’s abuse of everyone but Putin on Twitter including obstruction of justice. Each and every one of those items may be sufficient motivation for every young person turning 18 this year to vote against the GOP in November. Considering all of them makes a young person’s head spin. What’s wrong with grown-ups who support such evil? What’s wrong with the GOP? Why are they evil?

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