Trump Shoots USA In The Foot With Cobalt Bullets

“Panasonic was unable to discern how much cobalt sourced from Cuba via its Canadian supplier ended up in batteries it provided to the US market. The uncertainty is “due to co-mingling of sources by its suppliers in several phases of manufacturing processes,” the spokesperson offered, also confirming that “Panasonic has chosen to suspend its relationship with its Canadian supplier.””
See Panasonic Won’t Use Cuban Cobalt, Suspends Canadian Supplier Relationship
While Trump is trying to distract the world, he’s busy doing all kinds of unintended harm like sabotaging EVs and mobile computing devices. Clearly, people who voted for Trump did not want that but here it is. Cuba produces a lot of cobalt which is mined by a Canadian company who then sells to the world except USA because Trump doesn’t like Cubans… So China buys the cobalt and employs Chinese to make batteries which are then sold to USA. Does that make any sense? Yes, it will help USA wake up to their foolish mistake of voting for Trump.

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