Wheels Within Wheels In EVs

“There are 180 LEAFs in the carsharing program and 20 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans, last I heard. If you look at electric carsharing programs globally, that’s surely a rather large program relative to the population — that’s even a fairly large program in absolute terms.
As you can expect, the program is easy to use. You get an app, find a car near you, go over to it, unlock it, and it’s yours till you’re done. The company managing the program makes sure the cars are charged each night to try to help drivers not have to worry about that.”
See Wroclaw’s Electric Carsharing Program Passes 30,000 Users
The efficiency, reliability and low maintenance costs of EVs appeal to businesses and inspires new kinds of businesses providing service in the form of transportation in urban areas. The successful use of Nissan Leaf and other EVs this way in Poland is a fine example of what can be done. This model is sure to be copied and envied around the world.

What’s holding you back? Drive electrically! I’ve doing that with an hybrid for the last decade and I expect to shed the internal combustion engine for my personal transportation this winter when my new Solo EV should be delivered. It’s all good.

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