Road to Zero Strategy In UK

“As set out in the NO2 plan, we will end the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040. By then, we expect the majority of new cars and vans sold to be 100% zero emission and all new cars and vans to have significant zero emission capability. By 2050 we want almost every car and van to be zero emission.”
See The Road to Zero – Next steps towards cleaner road transport and delivering our Industrial Strategy
England was a leader in The Industrial Revolution replacing bio-powered systems with machines and heat-engines. Electrification was a byproduct that failed later to increase efficiency in transport because the battery and motor technology of the time lacked efficient conversion and capacity due to the lack of electronics and high-density/low weight batteries. That’s all changed now and UK is ready to move ahead.

Fine words are easy to produce but reading the details in TFA leads me to believe this has been carefully thought out. All the steps listed are logical, possible and should be quite effective. Banning and taxing the evil infernal combustion engine will certainly promote EVs. That’s the “stick”. The “carrots” are everywhere: lamp-posts with built-in charging stations, subsidies for a few years to come, and advertising and educational campaigns. I like it. It’s all good.

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