Tesla Vindicates My Plan To Drive Solo Slower

“ABRP’s database currently includes 805 Teslas, which have logged some 2.6 million data points to date, representing about 217,000 miles of driving. Data guru Bo has crunched the numbers to generate some interesting charts that correlate range with speed and temperature.”
See Tesla Range Plotted Relative To Speed & Temperature (Graphs)
Based mostly on Nissan Leaf data, I’ve long held that driving my Solo at about 70km/h on the highway would give me longer range than the specification, 161km/100miles. Real world data from hundreds of Teslas confirms my belief. If two of the very most common aerodynamic EVs have this characteristic, why would Solo be any different? The data for Teslas indicate 35-40 mph/56-64 km/h gives optimal range. Solo is way more efficient because of smaller size/weight but the air is the same for all…

It’s too bad Electra Meccanica does not publish data for Solo…

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