Charging EVs Strategically

“In the Netherlands and elsewhere, two rollout strategies have been used: demand-driven and strategic rollout.
In demand-driven rollout, the installation of a charging point is based upon a request by an EV owner for a charging point near their home or office. In strategic rollout, the local government places charging points near strategic locations such as shopping areas and tourist attractions.
The study found that strategic charging points are used more during the daytime, by more unique users and with shorter connection times, whereas demand-driven chargers are used more by residential users, with longer connection times and higher charging volumes.
The research shows that a demand-driven approach is effective in the early adoption phase, whereas strategic rollout becomes more important as user numbers grow.”
See New Dutch study recommends optimal EVSE rollout strategy
Strategy! That’s what we need to get more EVs rolling. One barrier to adoption is lacking numbers and locations of public EV charging stations. Obviously, placing them where folks need them might make EVs more desirable. The cars are being produced by the millions. It’s time to crank out thousands of charging stations. I could suggest a few locations:

  • Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, which is along the Trans Canada Highway between Winnipeg and Brandon. Lack of a station here could prevent adoption of EVs with shorter ranges like the Solo. It’s a city of 13K people.
  • Teulon, Manitoba, which is just an hour’s drive north of the TCH, well within range of Solo from Winnipeg and close to hunting, fishing, and gathering as well as many small businesses. Many commuters come in to Winnipeg along Highway 7 from the Interlake region.
  • Pilot Mound, Manitoba, where I visit relatives. There is an hotel with a charging station 50 miles east. That’s far enough for a small EV like Solo. From Pilot Mound, I could reach the International Peace Garden, 80 miles west. It has a charging station but it costs $20 to enter the park… It’s a great place to visit. Of course, I might reach that easily with a 200km round-trip from Brandon.
  • Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, near the mighty Winnipeg River and Whiteshell Provincial Park. There is a station 30 miles north at Powerview, MB. Why not Lac du Bonnet? Having a few stations in a popular tourism and commuting area makes sense.

Slowly, but surely, we should fill in the pins on the maps of charging stations as we increase the numbers of EVs in Manitoba, Canada, and the world.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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