“The text sent to me matches both those reports — indeed, it makes it clear that “shortly after the election” means just over 14 hours after polls closed. But the text doesn’t come from anyone, like Kushner or Flynn, inside the Trump team. It comes from someone who, I believe, had already done real damage to the United States as part of the Russian attack. That person understood the cooperation with Syria in terms of the US backing Bashar al-Assad, not in terms of fighting ISIS.”
See Putting a Face (Mine) to the Risks Posed by GOP Games on Mueller Investigation
Trump has repeated a gazillion times that “there’s no collusion”, which pretty much assures us that there was collusion between Trump and Putin. Now we have firm evidence of that. Trump told Flynn to reward Putin hours after the polls closed in the election. Why would that be Trump’s number one priority? Paying back Putin for putting a thumb on the scales of the election.

Come on Mueller, bring forth the indictments of Trump and all his henchmen as soon as possible. Justice can’t wait much longer before USA becomes the next domino in Putin’s global expansion. We need results before the mid-term election or Trump will have a chance to complete what he started in the election of 2016, tyranny in USA. It would also help if Congress had the plain truth on their plate before confirming a yes-man on SCOTUS.

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