Tesla? Maybe Useful…

“Tesla compatible J1772 adapter.With this adapter cable you can charge your non-Tesla EV on a Tesla Destination, UMC, or Wall Connector charger.The adapter has a special circuit that allows it to work on any current Tesla charger including Destination Chargers.This adapter cable has all of the pins needed to maintain all functionality and safety protocols used by UMC and J1772 charging systems.”
See TeslaTap
One of the little annoyances I might encounter with my future Electra Meccanica Solo is that out on the highway there are a few charging stations that are Tesla-only. An adapter may overcome that problem.

One place where this might be useful is the gap between Winnipeg and Brandon on the Trans Canada Highway in Manitoba. There is no $free public charging station at Portage la Prairie, the “natural” location. Portage is within easy range for most EVs but Brandon is stretching things. A Tesla-only station at McGregor has appeared on PlugShare. There is also a J1772 charging station at Carberry a bit further down the road. It’s good to have choices.

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