EV Market: “Engage!”

“The Chinese PEV market is at full charge, with some 94,000 units registered in May, up 127% YoY and just 8,000 units less than the current record of 102,000 units set last December. If sales continue progressing this fast, expect a new all-time record in June.
Consequently, the PEV share hit a record 5% PEV in May, pulling the 2018 share to 3%, well above the 2.1% of 2017, and with sales expected to pick up significantly as the year advances, the 2018 PEV share should end north of the 3% to 4% threshold (maybe 5%?), with December possibly reaching 7%.”
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“Almost lost in all the Model 3 production news was the fact that the company is continuing to churn out its Model S and Model X vehicles. On Sunday afternoon, Musk tweeted that total company production for the last week of June amounted to 7,000 vehicles.”
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My! What a difference a year makes! EV production/sales in 2018 are expected to be near 2% of all vehicle production/sales. This is mostly thanks to China and Tesla which are on fire. Tesla is producing ~7000 of their EVs each week and China is making ~25000 each week.

Soon a Chinese motor-cycle maker will be in production of my chosen EV, the Electra Meccanica Solo, a single-seater with enough range to meet my needs and with an efficiency of about 10km/kWh. The only thing more efficient might be a transport beam as seen on Star Trek. There goes another ~500 EVs/week. According to Reuters, globally, auto-makers are investing $90billion USD in EVs. We are not “there” yet, but we have entered a new star-system as far as personal transportation goes.

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