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Just Following Orders…

“Something just doesn’t sit well with the image of a bureaucrat scoffing at a reporter’s question about whether separating young immigrant children from their parents constitutes a form of child abuse. But Kirstjen Nielsen should know better than to attempt to … Continue reading

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Weather For Growing Pumpkins

This is a nearly perfect situation for growing pumpkins: good moisture levels in Earth, light winds, lots of sunshine, high temperatures, and no deer have yet eaten or trampled the plants. Unfortunately, frost, high winds and drought caused me to … Continue reading

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Grow Soybeans? Blame Trump

In the past two weeks, the price of soybeans has fallen over 10%. Blame Trump and his stupid misunderstanding of trade imbalances. The Chinese are not stealing jobs. The Chinese aren’t stealing money or anything of value from USA by … Continue reading

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ARMed Attack On Super-Computing

“The HPC system is comprised of 5,184 ARM-based processors — the Thunder X2 processor, built by Cavium. Each processor has 28 cores and runs at 2 GHz. Astra will deliver over 2.3 theoretical peak petaflops of performance, which should put … Continue reading

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