CPG Now Works With PHP 7

Great news! I downloaded a new version of CPG and it works with PHP 7! This means I don’t need to run an old version in a virtual machine to keep CPG working. It means less maintenance for my system and probably greater reliability. The installation was flawless. Everything worked.

See CPG Developer Release 1.6.03

This is just a developer release but It Works For Me™. FLOSS marches on.

UPDATE – Wrote too soon… One thing didn’t work, the slideshow feature… Well, I don’t use that except at parties. That gives me time to figure that one out.

UPDATE – Hmmmm… The slideshow is now working and I’m not aware of tweaking anything… Maybe I just forgot to reload a page… Nope. CPG is a bit weird. The slideshow is only available if you click on an image thumbnail in a gallery. Then you click on the slideshow icon at the top left and things happen. It’s hard to get there if you don’t know that. So it’s just me running in circles trying to get to where I am…

UPDATE – Hmmm… CPG has been working fine but I noticed an error message in the config menu and a problem connecting from elsewhere on the LAN. I had used ‘localhost’ when I installed the software. I changed it to ‘beast’ and things worked but there was an error-message stating the URL was invalid in the config menu. I read the code and saw that it was looking for a proper domain-name, so I changed to ‘beast.org’, and all is right with the world. An edit in the config menu and /etc/hosts fixed this.

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