Saving The Planet One Gold Mine At A Time

“The opening of the new solar plant is in-keeping with B2Gold’s ongoing commitment to responsible mining and promoting green energy solutions at its five operating gold mines worldwide. The Otjikoto Solar Plant is one of the first fully-autonomous hybrid plants in the world and will allow the Company to significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the site’s current 24-megawatt (“MW”) heavy fuel oil (“HFO”) power plant. Changing the power plant to an HFO solar hybrid plant is expected to reduce Otjikoto’s HFO consumption by approximately 2.3 million litres and reduce associated power generation fuel costs by approximately 10% in 2018.
In remarks at the official opening of the solar plant, Namibia’s Minister of Mines and Energy, the Honourable Tom Alweendo, said that the plant “will deliver positive economic, environmental and social impacts that are likely to outlive the life of mine. I am also informed that this solar plant will be one of the largest installations of its kind in Namibia. It will serve as a sustainable power solution as B2Gold works to improve economic returns, reduce impacts on the environment and could potentially be a funding source for community development.” “
See B2Gold Celebrates the Opening of the Solar Power Plant at its Otjikoto Mine in Namibia
I am pleased to learn that a Canadian gold mining company in which I once had an investment has built a solar power plant to augment its oil-fired plant. That’s smart. It reduces the cost of operation. It creates an asset for the local community that may well outlast the mine. It reduces dependence on oil and it reduces CO2 emissions. Way to go, B2Gold!

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