Electra Meccanica Solo Rocks The Big Apple

“It’s a trim little thing, with a peppy 82 horsepower motor that draws electrons from a 17 kilowatt-hour battery. Using so-called “level 2” charging, it can be rejuiced in three hours (a wall outlet takes six). Total range is 100 miles.
The styling is kind of cool: sleek and eye-catching. The front “frunk” can handle a modest duffle bag.”
See Electra Meccanica Solo first drive, pictures
Here’s yet another review of the Electra Meccanica Solo. It confirms what I’ve known for over a year: it’s cute, tiny, great for errands, it’s electric and economical, even in New York City.

What more could I ask of a personal transporter? Lightspeed? We’re not there yet but Solo travels at my speed and gets the job done. The main things lacking for me are cruise-control, more colours offered and I don’t have mine yet… I like RED and my foot can relearn speed limits but I still need the wheels.

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