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I did a few errands around the yard today: finished seeding some bare spots in the lawn, applied high nitrogen granular fertilizer and observed some germination on the last edge of lawn facing the road. The grass survived winter quite well and the new seeding is a bit weedy but dense enough to look good in a couple of years. The stuff seeded last year will be great next year. Where it’s not sparse this year, it’s already looking good. The fertilizer will encourage the grass to fill in a few smaller bare spots.

The established asparagus patch is quite productive even though it is only a few plants. Two whole rows I planted from seed will be productive next year if only I can keep the weeds at bay. Pumpkins, squash and onions are all doing well, the ones that survived our spring. The long range forecast is for normal temperatures but below-normal precipitation this summer. That means I will have production if I can keep the sprinklers going…

Trees took quite a beating last winter with little snow, lots of sunshine and high winds harming many trees great and small. TLW’s berms have lost several small bushes and one large spruce is brown. Her birch however is taller than I am and it’s right on the top of a berm of rather heavy soil. Now that the lawn is mostly established, more irrigation of the berms will help the survivors recover.

I did a quick inventory of my trees still in pots. I have a couple of nanking cherries that will be ready to plant out this year, a couple of poplars and a bunch of cedars. The next crop of trees is in the refrigerator stratifying and the cedars did well in a test-batch. We should not ever have to buy a cedar in a pot ever again. We have two days of light to heavy rain forecast. I expect I will plant the stratified seed in pots during that time as I won’t need to water anything and the ground will be muddy.

My long term strategy is to have way more Saskatoon berry bushes in the yard. With low germination and survival rates I may buy thousands of seeds and use the law of averages to make things happen. None of my Saskatoon bushes died over the winter because I have them mulched and sheltered. It may be my last accomplishment but I will succeed in this endeavour.

On a walk through the neighbourhood I saw that the majority of my neighbours have given up fighting dandelions. One yard has not even been mowed. I’m winning the fight but I don’t seen any end to the battle as long as paratroops keep up the invasion. Have glyphosate and 2,4-D, will fight on.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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