WOW! Chinese Electric Car Buyers Have Choice!

“Chinese automakers have symbolic export numbers, but the domestic market is more than enough to absorb current Chinese production capacity, helped by the fact that it is still a protected market and foreign OEMs haven’t yet looked seriously at this niche. With PEV quotas coming in the near future, foreign brands are finally putting in an effort, proof being that overseas automakers now have a record 7% PEV market share. Of this small cake, 3 percentage points belong to Tesla, 2 percentage points to BMW, and the remaining manufacturers share the final 2 percentage points.
In April, besides the continuous slooow production ramp up from BYD, registering its second-best month ever (13,200 registrations), small city EVs were back in the spotlight. Besides the usual BAIC EC-Series, the Zhidou D2 EV and the SAIC Baojun E100 also joined the top 5 best sellers of the month.”
See BYD & The Oompa Loompas Shine (China Electric Car Sales Report)
There are two takeaways from TFA linked at the right:

  1. Chinese EV sales are growing wildly, and
  2. Chinese buyers have a huge number of choices.

This is fertile ground for innovation and I note that the top sellers are tiny city-cars, not unlike my Canadian favourite the Solo EV, which is being built in China by a well known maker of motor-cycles and small EVs. The BAIC EV-150 costs more than twice as much as the Solo but seats five. The Solo may be one of the first EVs exported from China and it will give the Chinese partner of Electra Meccanica a product likely to sell in China, India as well as North America and Europe. The next few years will be exciting as this herd of makers sorts themselves out.

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