Someone Else Will

“Uniti, the Swedish startup that is planning to build an all new electric car, claims pre-orders for the car have now reached $60 million. To all those auto industry executives out there who whine about people not wanting to buy EVs, Uniti is the wakeup call you have been dreading. People absolutely do want to buy electric cars, and if you don’t provide them with the vehicles they want, someone else will.”
See Uniti Electric Car Pre-Orders Reach $60 Million
Despite the rapid increase in sales and production of EVs, the installed base is still very tiny. It’s not because people don’t want to buy electric vehicles. They’ve been on many people’s radar for more than a decade. The Nissan Leaf just wasn’t ready for us when we last bought an automobile. We bought an hybrid. My next car will be fully electric whether or not the usual auto-makers make it easy for me to buy one. If they won’t supply the demand others will. Hence, the title…

It’s interesting that TFA quoted to the right is about a small two-seater with ~100 miles range and 15kWh battery. That’s similar to my favourite, the Electra Meccanica Solo, except Solo doesn’t haul around an empty seat… Solo even throws out one wheel because 3 are enough and Solo is a bit more streamlined. The Uniti is rather boxy and I doubt it can reach the published ranges at highway speeds. Solo can, however, making it the most efficient automobile I can find these days. It is coming into production this year, finally, after years of delays. China will produce Solo, if Canadians can’t/won’t. There’s that theme again. Someone else will make the electric vehicles people want if you won’t, so get with the programme.

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